Kodak i1190WN Scanner

Let your workplace break free

The new wireless and network KODAK i1190WN Scanner makes life a lot easier and more efficient for any business. It is perfect for sharing and work collaborations. You can easily integrate it with your existing business applications and create new custom integrations. And you can even manage security levels and settings. Welcome to a new world of flexible, versatile, powerful, convenient and stress-free scanning.

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Kodak i1190WN Scanner
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Don't let your business miss out on the power of wireless network scanners. Here are ten big reasons we think they are a game-changer.

    • Easy to share – More than one person can use a wireless network scanner. They are great to share at teller windows or a customer service counter so you can scan in front of the customer.
    • IT friendly – Integrates easily with existing business applications using standard drivers. Or use the Web API to integrate your business app or application to the scanner directly without the need for a driver.
    • Simply secure – Set and control your own level of security with ease. Or use the Web API to build additional levels of security with HTTPS.
    • Web friendly – Great to use with web-based capture applications. If you are looking for a web-based capture solution that is powerful, easy to manage, and easy to use, the Kodak Info Input Portfolio can empower your enterprise.
    • Simple network set up – Just print and scan the encrypted QR code created during the EasySetup process.
    • Cable free – The clue is in the name. They're wireless, which means they are neat and tidy with no cable clutter.
    • Top quality imaging – Scan everything from ID and credit cards to a wide range of business documents in high quality resolution with our Perfect Page image enhancement technology and reliable document feeding
    • Simple to use – An intuitive display panel makes scanning tasks quick and easy. The display shows whose scanning job is in progress so you can ensure your document images are being sent to the right user's device
    • Easy to move around – Wireless network scanners are portable and compact. They're great for collaborative open plan offices/ small workgroups to be moved where the action is
    • Scan to any device – Capture information to your computer, mobile or tablet.

Invest in better web-based capture software

If you’re also looking for a web-based capture application for your business, then our KODAK Info Input Portfolio is it. The software is easy to use with our scanners and makes capture faster, smarter, more secure and more productive.

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